Intel Pentium G3258 Dual Core Processor Gaming Performance

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FutureMark 3DMark

3Dmark Fire Strike Benchmark Results – For high performance gaming PCs

Use Fire Strike to test the performance of dedicated gaming PCs, or use the Fire Strike Extreme preset for high-end systems with multiple GPUs. Fire Strike uses a multi-threaded DirectX 11 engine to test DirectX 11 hardware.

3DMark Fire Strike

Fire Strike Benchmark Results:

Intel Pentium G3258 3DMark Firestrike Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results: The Intel Pentium G3258 was able to score 5099 overall in Futuremark 3DMark Firestrike. The stock G3258 was ~80 points higher overall score but the Physics score was nearly 200 points higher. Once the Intel Pentium G3258 processor was overclocked to 4.8GHz, the Physics score jumped from 3320 to 5041! That’s a gain of 51.8% from a 1.6GHz overclock! Not only did the physics score improve, the overall score improved by 400 points as well to a high of 5499!

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