Intel DP55KG Motherboard Preview at Quakecon 2009

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Intel DP55WG ‘Warrensburg’ and DP55SB ‘Sharpsberg’

Intel DP55WG 'Warrensburg' motherboard

The Intel DP55WG ‘Warrensburg’ motherboard is based off the same PCB as the Intel DP55KG ‘Kinsberg’ motherboard, but has been stripped down. The main thing we noticed is that Intel removed two of the power phases so the DP55WG has just four total power phases. Intel also removed the eSATA ports from the back panel, two of the SATA ports and other features like the Bluetooth and the cool LED skull. This motherboard will obviously be priced lower as a result of being stripped down.  Intel didn’t say anything about the BIOS settings, but it is highly likely that Intel will also limit the overclocking features and voltage options on this motherboard as well.

Intel DP55SB 'Sharpsberg' motherboard

The last new board that we have to look at today is the Intel Extreme Series DP55SB Micro ATX ‘Sharpsberg’ motherboard. This motherboard is basically just a smaller version of the Intel Extreme Series DP55KG ‘Kinsberg’ motherboard that we showed you on the first page. The board has six SATA-300 ports with RAID-0/1/5/10 functionality and support of Intel Matrix Storage Technology It features just one eSATA header on the back panel, but by just looking at the picture it appears to have all the layout features that the Intel Extreme Series DP55KG ‘Kinsberg’ motherboard. It will be interesting to see the price tag on this board as it still supports multi-GPU technology and most of the features that enthusiasts are looking for. 

Check back often over the next couple days as we will be bringing you more coverage from Quakecon 2009!

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