Intel Core i9-7980XE 18-Core Processor Review


Intel Core i9-7980XE Temperatures

We fired up the AIDA64 System Stability Test for 20 minutes and found that we had an idle temp of 30C and a load temp of 41C on the CPU. AIDA64 can only show up to 12 cores, so we weren’t able to monitor each core individually. If you look at the individual core temperatures they ranged from 20C all they way up to 48C.

We tired to look at CPU Package power numbers, but HWiNFO64, AIDA64 and CPUID HWMonitor all showed the package power incorrectly. We reached out to the developers of AIDA64 and they will take a look into this next week after they are back from holiday.

Let’s overclock this bad boy!