In Win BK623 Mt. Jade Tiny Tower Case Review

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The Air Chamber

This chassis uses Partition Plate cooling technology, which separates the CPU fan from the heatsink to reduce back draft, thus streamlining the airflow in a unilateral direction to provide improved thermal performance. This also means that no case fan is needed which means better acoustic performance. Let’s take a closer look at this Partition Plate cooling technology!

IN WIN Mt Jade Air Chamber

The case has an isolation chamber of sorts to help direct air flow on stock Intel heat sinks. If you have replaced your stock cooler with an after market cooler this piece can be removed and not affect the fit of the 5.25 bay.

IN WIN Mt Jade Air Chamber With Intel CPU

The air chamber is slghtly  adjustable to accommodate the variations in Intel LGA775 CPU placement.

IN WIN Mt Jade Air Chamber with AMD Cooler

It can also be easily taken out, as it only snaps into the main chamber. So if you want to use some older hardware, like the above old AMD setup, while still taking some advantage of the air chamber.

IN WIN Mt Jade Air Chamber Cable Gromet

There is a rubber grommet for you to slide your cables for the 5.25 drive through. It’s a snug fit when you get the PATA and power cable pushed in there.

IN WIN Mt Jade Air Chamber to RAM Clearence

The isolation chamber also covers the RAM slots, so height is an issue. If you want to run RAM with tall heat spreaders then you’re back to removing the air chamber.

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