IDF Fall 2007 – DDR3 Memory Modules All Around

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Kingston, Corsair and Super Talent


Kingston Memory Booth IDF 2007

Kingston memory had a couple demo systems set up and running various gaming demos with their HyperX DDR3 memory kit that runs at 1375MHz with 5-7-5-15 memory timings. While this kit has already been reviewed here on Legit Reviews, it did have something we haven’t seen here on the site yet.

Kingston HyperX Memory Heat Spreaders

These are the newly redesigned heat spreaders that Kingston has recently come out with for all of their HyperX modules.

Kingston FB-DIMM Memory Heat Spreaders

While we were looking at their DDR3 memory kits we were shown an engineering sample 800MHz FB-DIMM module that uses heat pipe cooling and fins to help wisk away the heat from the module. The design was very clean and slick looking!  Kingston informed us that the new design lowers temperatures by 5-10 degrees, which is a dramatic decrease.

Corsair Memory:

Corsair DOMINATOR DDR3 1800MHz Memory

Corsair Memory was showing off their 1800MHz DOMINATOR CL7 DDR3 memory kit that we recently reviewed here.  The guys and gals over at Corsair were running the modules in dual-channel on the latest ASUS X38 Express based motherboard at 1940MHz with 7-7-7 timings, which is impressive seeing how early the X38 BIOS revisions are.  The also had the most recent version of CPU-Z and were showing off the Intel XMP technology that has been perfected in their kits.

Super Talent:

Corsair DOMINATOR DDR3 1800MHz Memory

Super Talent didn’t have any demo systems on display, but they were showing off their new ProjectX heat spreaders. The ProjectX heat spreaders are single sided heat spreaders for the time being since there are no IC’s on the back of the module, which was a bit interesting.  Super Talent informed us that they are working on designs for a back plate, so stay tuned to see what they come up with!

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