ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit Review

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ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit – Conclusion

Unfortunately, users who want a consistent, premium, high quality experience with their fans aren’t going to be happy with the SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit. I’m not being unfair when I call these fans cheap, they are just that. The diffuse plastic material ring is flimsy and can easily be pressed into the fan blades, which leads me to concerns over the material warping. The fan blades also use a thin plastic that seems to be of okay quality, but they definitely have a lower quality feel to them. Whether that is the case is probably unlikely and I doubt the plastic of the SF-12025-RGB Trio fans would cause any concern during the reasonable few of years of lifetime of the fan, I’d think the bearings would wear out before anything else. Finally, the sticker on the hub not being straight is going to straight up kill the deal for a lot of users.


For their negatives, not all is lost with the ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit. For just $35 for the set, these fans are capable of some really cool lighting effects, which is their saving grace. The remote implementation was done well and the kit included with the fans was well thought out and done properly. If you just want some cool looking RGB fans on the cheap and don’t care so much about noise or airflow, these will be fine.

RGB Trio - Rear

If you want to spend as little as possible and just want some RGB fans with performance and build quality not major considerations, the ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio are available for just $34.99 shipped at Newegg in the base package, with the unit including remote control running $44.99 shipped. The ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB fans can definitely move air and give you some cool lighting effects, but that’s about the best I can say for them. I highly recommend that users who want a quality set of RGB fans that also offer good performance and build quality look into the AzzA Hurricane RGB Lite fan 3-pack, which are currently available at Newegg for $32.00 plus shipping. The AzzA Hurricane Lite RGB offers a remote control, along with very nicely diffused RGB effects on a fan with better overall build quality than what ID-Cooling is offering. I appreciate competition and think that ID-Cooling had the right intentions here, but there are some competing RGB fan kits that are just plain better, for similar money.

Legit Bottom Line: The ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit is an inexpensive way to outfit a system build with RGB lighting, but the quality is lower than other brands and the noise levels are higher. 

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