HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Review


Subjective Listening: Music, Movies, and Games

When we do headphone/headset reviews here at Legit Reviews we remind the readers that the way we hear audio may vary depending on the individual. These differences may influence preference and because of this we may develop a bias that makes us favor more bass at the cost of overcoming the mid to higher frequencies whereas some of us may prefer a more crisp mid to high frequency with soft bass. I tend to prefer a good contrast between a crisp high to mid range with a present and warm but not overwhelming bass. Additionally, when using my headsets I tend to stick with the ones that deliver the above without crackling when pushed to the headset’s limits.


The line of headsets made by HyperX is marketed towards gamers but many of us tend to use the same headsets that we use for gaming for other things such as listening to music or streaming our favorite shows or movies. Although my experience with headsets is somewhat limited I have used a variety of headphones from the disposable ones given to passengers on airplanes to professional studio Sennheiser headphones so there is a foundation to build my opinion upon. I created a playlist of the songs I normally listen to after purchasing a new headset and for $49.99 the sound quality does not disappoint. Although it seems as if some of the higher frequency sounds are turned down when a heavy bass hits the headset makes up for it with the crisp and clean sound.



When watching movies and videos the sound comes out warm. The sounds that are most prominent in the background are the bass rumbles that occur in dramatic scenes in action TV shows and movies. One thing noticed is that when someone would speak in a video the speaker’s voice would be slightly lower than that of a desktop computer speaker system. I like the sound the HyperX Cloud Stinger delivers and I’m definite that the experience would have turned out to be much better with 7.1 surround sound but the stereo works perfectly fine considering the cost of the headset being $49.99.


This is where I feel this headset really shines. Makes sense since the headset was designed primarily for gaming. When I play games such as CSGO, Overwatch, and League of Legends the warmth from the bass and crisp sounds of the mid and higher frequencies blend together perfectly. The contrast between the different levels of frequency can easily be picked out and it is easy to differentiate between what is what as well as an idea of the direction of the enemy’s footsteps. The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a stereo headset and it is somewhat difficult to tell the location of an enemy because of this. Regardless this is a very solid headset, nonetheless.

Previously we covered the introduction, specifications, a further look into the details, as well as the subjective listening of the HyperX Cloud Stinger. On the next page you will find our final thoughts and conclusions.