Guardzilla All-In-One Video Security System Review


A Closer Look At Guardzilla

The Guardzilla unit is triangular in shape and while our is black, it also comes in white with a matching white AC adapter.

Guardzilla Front

From the front through the tinted shroud, you can see the camera and the nine IR LEDs. I can’t accurately identify what the large oval is below the camera but assume it’s some sort of IR sensor and another feature below that I again assume is a microphone. This isn’t documented anywhere that I could find.

Guardzilla Camera
With the shroud lens removed, the lens and IR LEDs are more visible. The extra shroud lens is supposed to help if you have issues with motion detection but they look virtually identical, being slightly less tinted. There’s only a quick mention of this in the instructions.

Guardzilla Rear

The back show the speakers (one for the siren and one for audio?), the AC input, a little reset button in the corner and a product sticker giving the model number and the default password along with a QR barcode that simply contains the UID number. Presumably this is to make pairing additional units a little easier but again, this is where the documentation fails to provide any insight. Are we seeing a trend here? Most products have some sort of diagram that indicates all of the physical features of the product which is helpful for better understanding use cases and troubleshooting.

Guardzilla Side

On the right side of the device is the slot for the micro SD. It supports capacities of up to 32GB which I did validate works fine and also validated that it would not recognize anything larger than that. On that, 32GB is more than plenty of storage to capture a ton of video as the resolution is 640 x 480 so the file sizes are relatively small when compared to that of HD or 4K content.

Guardzilla Bottom

On the bottom resides two mystery holes flanked by tiny rubber feet. There’s a sticker with the serial number and MAC address should you filter your network that way and the device serial number.