GMC H-80 ATX Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review

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GMC H-80 Accessory Box

I wouldn’t normally dedicate an entire page of a case review to just the accessories of the case, but there’s a few pictures I need to show you in order to fill you in.
GMC H80 Accessory Box
The accessories are housed in a plastic box that is stored in one of the 5″ drive bays. There’s no mention anywhere on how you should remove the accessory container though; it’s not anywhere obvious on the box or even on the user manual attached it. A considerable amount of force didn’t move it and so it left me stumped for a good five minutes as to how to remove it. It was only upon removing the front panel to take pictures of the front 120mm fan filter that it became apparent how to remove the accessory box.
GMC H80 Front Panel Removed
On the front of the case we can see that the accessory box actually attaches to the case via the plastic drive rails, so it needs to be unclipped from the front and slid out forwards. Looking at the GMC website page for this case there’s a graphic telling you to do this, but it’s right at the bottom of the page and not somewhere I thought to check until I was looking up the case specifications for this review.
So now that that’s established, we can get to the original purpose of this photograph in that you can see that once the front panel is off you can remove the front 120mm fan filter for cleaning through pulling it out sideways.
GMC H80 Accessories
Now that the accessory box is safely removed, its contents are revealed: drive rails for all the drive bays, screws, motherboard speaker and a thoughtful CPU 4pin 12v power extender. Taped to the outside of the box were the additional 120mm fan filter and user manual.
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