GMC H-80 ATX Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review

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Inside the GMC H-80

Inside the GMC H80

Inside the GMC H-80 we can see that it’s a nice layout and doesn’t look like it will be cramped for even an ATX motherboard setup. As something of an oddity (though one that has no real significance) all the case fans in the H-80 are 4-pin molex connectors, except for the one on the back of the case, which has a 3-pin connector.

I’m definitely a fan of the all-black interior style of this case, and in a
market of cases that are left ‘steel grey’ inside, it makes the GMC H-80 stand out to potential buyers and look great to top it off.

The big strand of cables in the middle of the case includes all the connectors for the front panel ports, which includes: USB x 4, e-SATA, FP Audio, Power switches, a thermal probe and power for the LCD. The case comes with the standoffs attached in a thin width ATX format, but more can be attached as they are included in the accessory box.

The white label above the HDD cage tells you how to attach the plastic drive rails to the different drives and that the whole HDD cage is removable.

GMC H80 Hard Drive Cage

Unscrewing the thumbscrew at the bottom of the cage and clicking the lever down at the top allows the whole 3.5″ HDD cage to slide out of the case. It’s a nice feature, but with the drives being secured by the tool-less drive rails, having that kind of access to the HDDs isn’t something I’d consider that important.

Inside the GMC H80 Back

Turning to the back of the case, we can clearly see some decent sized holes for behind-the-motherboard-tray cable routing. There’s a nice large CPU socket hole (to allow you to change the CPU cooler with the motherboard still installed). Another nice feature is the number of cable tie holders moulded into the case to keep cable management under wraps.

GMC H80 250mm Fan

On the reverse of the side panel we can see this case came with the 250mm fan configuration. Under the fan we can see the second stage of a two part filter, with the first being a fine honey-comb plastic pattern, and the second being the material we can see here. It should do a great job of keeping dust out of your case.

GMC H80 PSU Area
As this is a bottom mount case for the PSU, there is a filtered vent for the PSU to intake air. The case itself has fairly big rubber feet so there will be enough room for the PSU to intake air under normal circumstances, but if you’ve got the world’s tallest carpet pile, the PSU itself is lifted up inside the case on rubber feet so that it can still breathe if your carpet is suffocating the vent.
Alongside the PSU vent is space for another 120mm fan; you’ll have to supply this one yourself, but GMC thought to include an extra filter in the accessory pack so this vent/fan won’t be a dust trap.
GMC H80 Top 120mm Fans
On the back top of the case you can see the two 120mm fans which are conveniently around the CPU area. High CPU temps due to lack of case airflow shouldn’t be an issue in this case.
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