GELID Solutions Rev2 Tranquillo CPU Cooler Review

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Final Thoughts of the Rev2 Tranquillo

GELID Solutions Rev2 Tranquillo CPU Cooler

This is the very first time that I have reviewed a GELID CPU cooler, but for full disclosure I have reviewed, and still use, their Icy Vision GPU cooler on my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 video card. Like with the GPU cooler the Rev2 Tanquillo’s build quality was good and overall I was happy with my experience with the Rev2 Tranquillo. The Rev2 Tranquillo performs nicely at the lower CPU clocks, and does it silently.

What could be a drawback for some enthusiasts is the Rev2 Tranquillo performance at the extreme overclocks. With the temps coming in at over 80*C with the system overclocked to 4Ghz this is a little on the warm side, but we know that the cooler is not aimed at those pushing their system that hard. At the lower speeds like at the default 2.8Ghz CPU clock the Rev2 Tranquillo does quiet well handling the heat from the Intel Core i7-930, and did so very quietly. Coming in at 59.75*C it beat the stock Intel HSF by a good amount and did so with less noise and without breaking the bank. From a performance standpoint the Rev2 Tranquillo is a nice option for those that want better than stock cooling and aren’t trying squeeze every last megahertz they out of their system with extreme overclocking.

GELID Solutions Rev2 Tranquillo CPU Cooler ram clearance

One thing that will be a concern for users who like the tall heat spreaders on their RAM is the 38mm clearance. If you have tall RAM you are going to want to do some measuring.

GELID Solutions Rev2 Tranquillo CPU Cooler drawnig

The upside is that GELID provides a nice measured drawing so the end user can make sure the cooler fits with the rest of their components. Something that would be handy if all manufactures would provide. Some do already, but some do not.

GELID Solutions Rev2 Tranquillo CPU Cooler

With a little digging I was unable to find the Rev2 Tranquillo on sale anywhere. GELID says the Rev2 Tranquillo will carry a $40 MSRP, this is inline with the current Rev1 Tranquillo price. Would also like to note that in my attempts to find the Rev2 Tranquillo for sale I did find a couple sites that listed the cooler as being for sale. Looking closer is was in fact not the GELID Rev2 Tranquillo part number CC-TranQ-02-A, but rather the GELID Rev1 Tranquillo part number CC-TranQ-01-A even though the site was listing it as the Rev2. So care should be taken when shopping. With the $40 price tag the GELID Rev2 Tranquillo comes in at the middle of the road price wise, and is where the Rev2 Tranquillo performed. The Rev2 Tranquillo also sports a 5 year warranty.

Legit Bottom Line: The GELID Rev2 Tranquillo’s nice looks, silent operation, 5 year warranty, and MSRP $40 price tag make it an attractive upgrade from stock cooling option for those wanting a quiet cooler and not over clocking their system for all its worth.

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