GELID Solutions Darkforce PC Case Review

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Thoughts and Conclusions

Thoughts and Conclusions

Gelid Solutions may not be a household name yet in the United States. I believe if Gelid Solutions comes out with more products like the DARKFROCE mid-tower PC case they will be in the ears of many enthusiasts. The DARKFORCE takes some nice risks that should pay off not only for the company but for any builders that dare to try something new. Gelid Solutions wants to “combine quality and ingenuity to setting the standard in creating best-in-class products for global computer enthusiasts.” Well, if this is an indicator they are well on their way.

DARKFROCE Front Profile

The Light of the DARKFORCE

The DARKFORCE to me is a nice surprise. For a product in the range of $120 USD (91 EURO), it gives a builder a lot to work with. Conventional cases in this class all have the usual 8 possible fans, top/bottom dust filter, USB 3.0 IO port(s), cable management, liquid cooling options, ample accessory screw, etc.

But what sets the DARKFORCE apart from the others? Is it the simplistic easy going look of the case? Well, maybe for some. Enthusiasts may really want options, and installing big long power graphics cards is one. The DARKFORCE delivers with the removable cage options. I am a big fan also of the drive caddies in this case. Installing a drive was effortless and was not like trying to put together a puzzle. The pre-mounted 3pin connections for a fan was nice. Even better, it connects through one of the 4 pin power connectors.  Here are the two big stand outs of the DARKFORCE: The IO panel is beyond any mid-tower I have seen in this class. Not only is there USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and eSATA support, but also an external SATA drive connection is there support 2.5″ and 3.5″ drive! The other big highlight is a 120mm fan mounting option behind the CPU! This allows for the acrylic window without losing out on cooling! My friends and readers should certainly take a close look at the DARKFORCE and the makers at Gelid Solutions.

The Dark of the DARKFORCE

There was very little to complain or pick apart with this first time entry from Gelid Solutions. Sure, maybe the door was a little stiff to pull off. The front bezel has to be removed to install an optical drive. The metal wire mesh bezel cover was a little bit of a problem but support was quick to help me when I contacted them. Also I would have liked to have found more information on DiY Force and other options they have for Gelid Solutions. Not really much more dark to talk about with the DARKSIDE.


The DARKFORCE Compares Well to Competitors

One of my favorite cases I reviewed the past year is the Corsair Carbide 400. At the time of review it may have been in the top couple of cases in its class. Well, I will be bold enough to say that the couple of extraordinary features that Gelid Solutions puts in the DARKFORCE will certainly meet it head to head. Some may even think the extra features would put it over the top and I would agree. I hope Gelid Solutions makes its mark in this market so PC enthusiasts can help the company reach its vision.


The Legit Bottom Line: Gelid Solution makes its first PC case and any PC builder who reads about it should rejoice! The DARKFORCE enters as one of the best in its class and will make any PC builder hungry for what is next from the innovative minds at Gelid Solutions!


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