GELID Solutions Darkforce PC Case Review

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Packaging is always one of those things many people look at as a secondary thing, if at all. One would think it’s what is inside the packaging that counts. I agree completely with that thought. But on second thought, I would want whatever is in the packaging to be in one piece when it arrives. For me it’s exciting to start a new build and I’d want what I ordered safely delivered and however the product is described on the outer packaging to be true.

The first thing I noticed about this box is that it is in color. The box was solid and I had no fear of anything inside being broken. Gelid Solutions does a very nice job of showing us what the DARKFORCE looks like on the front of the box. The Gelid Solutions Logo takes the top left hand corner of the box while the website takes the right. The DARKFORCE model name is shown nicely under the Gelid Solutions logo. The photo of the mid-tower on the front shows some of the main exterior features. The I/O panel has a location for a hot swappable 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive and is the highlight of the features presented on the front panel. On the bottom right, DiY also gets its spot from Gelid Solutions for their contribution to the Case.


DarkForce Front Package

The primary side panel shows all logos again, along with a nice view of the front profile of the DARKFORCE.



DarkForce Side 1


The back of the box has the Gelid and DiY graphics located in the same positions as the front of the box. The graphic in the middle is a nice shot of the internals of the DARKFORCE. Again, some of the features that Gelid has put behind the DARKFORCE are pointed out in the graphic. Looking more at the details of the graphic and what the DARKFORCE offers can show the PC builder what they can expect with DARKFORCE.


DarkForce Back Package


The secondary side lists a little more detail of what specifications are in the DARKFORCE mid-tower.


DarkForce Side 2


The internal package was very nice. The Styrofoam did not break while pulling the case out of the box. Even hand holds were part of the Styrofoam to help pull the case out of the box. The mid-tower was also in a plastic bag. Good protection of the product all around and not a scratch!


DarkForce Package Opened
When removed from the plastic bag the Dark force still had more protection. The acrylics and anything that could be scratched had a plastic film over it. Well done by Gelid Solutions.



DarkForce Plastic Wrap


The accessory package is a nice compliment to the DARKFORCE. Plenty of screws for everything imaginable are included. A fold out instruction sheet is also in the kit. You can also find the instruction list here.


DarkForce Accessory Package


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