G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Conclusion

Instead of trying to go all-out with features of questionable value, G.SKILL took aim at what gamers want most and delivered a solid keyboard with thoughtful features. The RIPJAWS KM570 RGB is remarkably well-built for its price point, with the base plate offering great support during intense typing and the ergonomics of the keyboard allowing for very comfortable long-term typing sessions. In addition to finding the RIPJAWS KM570 RGB to be totally capable in fast paced FPS games, I was able to type the duration of this review on the keyboard. G.SKILL used some great feeling soft-coat ABS key caps on the KM570 while ensuring the switches were mounted properly on a sturdy base plate, with proper stabilizers on the necessary keys. While I am on the subject of the key caps, the font that G.SKILL went with looks pretty sharp, without being too gaudy or over the top.

KM570 - Outrun RGB Theme

The G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB is solid, has reputable switches, decent key caps and extras like macro recording and volume controls. I have trouble finding fault in the Ripjaws KM570 RGB, especially when it is available for under $100, but there are some shortcomings, like the need for two USB cables to be used in order for there to be enough bandwidth for RGB lighting and the keyboard input. I would like to see a USB pass thru when I have to plug two cables into my PC for things to work properly on my keyboard, that’s all. The fact that the cable on the Ripjaws KM570 RGB isn’t removable is another issue to me, since I do like the option of replacing worn keyboard cables down the line, since I have cats and a child, both of which seem to like to find and abuse cables for some reason that surely has to go beyond enjoying tormenting me. Besides these little qualms, I think G.SKILL did a great job on the RIPJAWS KM570 RGB and it feels like a keyboard that is going to last for years of use.


The G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB is currently available for $99.99 on Amazon for the Cherry MX Red Version, which is an excellent deal when compared to similar mechanical RGB keyboards like the Corsair Strafe RGB ($139.89 shipped) and CoolerMaster MasterKeys Pro L ($141.99 shipped) My current favorite mechanical switch for gaming, the Cherry MX Silver, is available on the G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB for just $79.00 shipped on Amazon, which is an absolutely great deal. The RIPJAWS KM570 RGB shows that G.SKILL knows how to make a quality mechanical keyboard at a solid value point to compete with brands like Corsair and CoolerMaster. If you’re looking for a quality mechanical keyboard with some solid features that won’t break the bank, while being covered by a two year warranty, it’s hard to go wrong with the RIPJAWS KM570 RGB from G.SKILL.

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Legit Bottom Line: The G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB keyboard offers excellent build quality and solid features at an excellent price point. 

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