Fractal Design Integra R2 750W Power Supply Review

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Fractal Design Integra R2 750W PSU Review Conclusion

 Today we had a look at the Integra R2 PSU series from Fractal Design, the least expensive and most basic series that they offer; although we are not certain that they realize that. Compared to the Tesla R2 650W, the 80Plus Gold certified model which we reviewed a little while ago and retails for $113 shipped, double the price of the equivalent Integra R2 model, the Integra R2 series suddenly looks as a much more appealing option.

Quality wise, the Integra R2 750W is very well made for a sub-$100 power supply. Yes, Teapo is not the favorite capacitor manufacturer of enthusiasts, neither HEC their preferred OEM; however, HEC did a great job designing and building a mainstream 750W power supply which can be bought for $89.99 incl. shipping, which Fractal Design covers with a 3-year long warranty.

Fan view

The performance of the Integra R2 750W power supply is not setting any records. Fractal Design clearly optimized this power supply towards electrical performance and it does deliver, with very good filtering and regulation on all voltage lines. Enhancing the efficiency at low loads was very clever as well, since a 750W unit will most likely spend >90% of its lifetime at sub-50% load levels. However, the small chassis and high capacity have a negative impact on the thermal performance of the Integra R2 750W unit, which stresses its cooling fan. At higher loads the fan does become noisy; however, such power levels denote the use of powerful GFX cards and it is extremely unlikely that a gamer would even notice the humming noise of a fan.

When comparing the Tesla R2 to the Integra R2, the latter is capable of better electrical performance, shares the same exceptional aesthetic design and the same 3 year old warranty. Of course, no one can claim that the Integra R2 is technologically on the same level as the Tesla R2, as the latter has a significantly more sophisticated design which offers increased efficiency, lower running temperatures and better acoustics. On the other hand however, the Integra R2 is capable of equal electrical performance for half the price tag.

Integra R2 750W

Legit Bottom Line:  The Fractal Design Integra R2 750W offers good quality, great electrical performance and is visually attractive for just $89.99 shipped. If value is your primary concern, then the Integra R2 750W definitely is quite a deal.


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