Fnatic Gear Flick Optical Gaming Mouse Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Flick gaming mouse turned out to be a bit different than what we expected after seeing the box graphic and product photos. It has the popular gamer claw mouse design except that it’s substantially smaller. Holding this mouse, it feels narrower and less lengthy than other gaming mice such as the Razer DeathAdder and Logitech G502. Indeed, our measurements and the specifications posted online confirm that the Flick is smaller than those two mice.Fnatic Gear Focus and Flick

Consequently, the Flick upon first impression almost felt like a small generic office mice. The intended usage for gaming though also makes the Flick feel solid, durable, and nothing feels loose. It’s also light which makes it nimble to maneuver and reliable thanks to its optical tracking sensor.Fnatic Gear Flick

Made for competition, the Flick notably has on-board memory to minimize its dependency on software which should not be depended upon at tournament events. This is not to say the mouse settings software is entirely lacking as the user is able to configure profiles, tracking sensitivity, macros, and the color of the scroll wheel light. Editing macros could be more forgiving though and the ability to edit a string would be appreciated.Fnatic Gear Flick

Like we noted in the conclusion of the Rush mechanical keyboard review, domestic availability of the Flick is nonexistent in North America. Currently, Fnatic Gear products can only be purchased from the Fnatic web store with shipments originating from the UK. The €6 shipping cost is more acceptable to those in Europe. However, the cheapest shipping option for the €54.99 Flick gaming mouse to the United States is €9.80 which puts the total cost to around $70. That’s prohibitively expensive when there are many other mice just as good for much less.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: The Fnatic Gear Flick mouse is built for reliability in the face of competitive gaming though its limited distribution makes it less attractive for the value.

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