ECS C-19A SLI Motherboard Review

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The Test Setup

The Test System

Benchmarks and Testing Setup:

Test Platform:

Intel Test Platform



Live Pricing


Intel Pentium D 805



Intel Reference 955


Video Card

BFG Tech 7800GT

Hard Drive

Western Digital 250GB, 16mb Cache


Corsair Nautilus

Power Supply

Antec Neo HE 550

Operating System

Windows XP Professional

     All tests were run using a clean install of Windows XP Professional with SP2. Both boards were using the latest official bios.  For both boards, our stock speed testing used Adata PC2 6400 2 GB kit, at speeds of 4-4-4-12 DDR667, and 2.0vDimm.  CPU was running at default vcore and its default speed of 2.66.  The video card was left at its default timings as well for all tests.  For this review, stability was determined by running our battery of tests 3 times, plus being able to complete 3 passes of memtest86 and the ability to complete a SuperPi 32mb test run.

Lets look at the benchmarks!

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