E-Power Silent Engine 550W Power Supply (PSU)

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Exterior Impressions

The outside of the Tiger 550w power supply is nickel plated giving it a mirror
finish. On the bottom the 120mm fan is clearly the dominant feature. (Ignore my hand)

The modular plugs are all sized and keyed so its hard to make an error, but
just in case E-Power included a nice little chart showing where the ATX 20+4,
EPS/P4 4+4, PEG SLI, Fan, and standard 4pin Molex, and SATA go. The only real
error that can be made is plugging in either a PEG cable into a standard 4pin
Molex or SATA plug. Or the other way around, either could be disastrous, but
both are unlikely so long as you don’t attempt to assemble your computer blindfolded
and drunk. On the back there is the plug, power switch, and voltage selector.
In order to expel all the hot air moved by the 120mm fan there is a large and
open mess that allows for the heat both from your case and from the power supply
to be vented out the back.

The sides of the unit show the same quality finish as did the top and bottom.
On the right side is the label that that contains the voltages, amperages, and
wattages for the unit.

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