DFI LanParty BI G41-T33 Motherboard Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

DFI LanParty BI G41-T33

The performance of the board was really pretty good!  It was a little surprising to see how well it did in some of our tests. In everything but gaming, this board would be fine for most people looking for a simple machine.  It was disappointing to not be able to set your own DDR3 speeds.  It would have been nice to see what kind of performance we could have squeezed out of it.

The bundle was very thin and almost non-existent.  You expect this with low end budget boards, though.

The layout of the board was very good.  There were no issues at all.  Only having two DDR3 slots may limit the board to 4GB of ram, but it does give you a bit of extra room on the board to work with.

Overclocking of the board was difficult. As we mentioned, the lack of memory dividers, the 3-phase power design, and heat issues really hampered our attempts to overclock.

Pricing of the board at time of press was right at $64.99 shipped, which is certainly a low price. The question though is not, “Is it a low price?” but, “Is it the best bang for the buck in this price range?”  Intel G41 Express LGA775 motherboards range from $42.99 to $79.99 on Newegg.com, so the DFI LanParty Blood Iron G41-T33 is a little more expensive than average. With 26 different g41 powered micro-ATX motherboards fighting for your hard earned dollars you clearly have a tough decision, and to make things worse it appears that DFI didn’t give the LanParty Blood-Iron G41-T33 motherboard any major features to make it stand out from the crowd.

Legit Bottom Line: DFI certainly has a right to try and cater to the low-end market, but I think catering to it and using the LanParty name just brings confusion and disappointment to those that have been used to great performing and highly tweakable boards in that series.  A LanParty board this is not.

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