Corsair Dominator 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz C7 Memory Kit Review

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Test Bench for Corsair Dominator 4GB PC3-12800

Our test bench is running a Sandy  Bridge i5 2500k CPU at stock 3.3GHz with a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional SP1 running the latest Windows Updates and drivers.  Due to a problem with our nVidia GTX 570 I had to break out an old GTX 275 running the latest nVidia 275.33 drivers. 

Corsair Dominator Test Rig

The ASUS P8P67 motherboard has the latest 1608 bios, up to date peripheral drivers, and it was configured with turbo boost disabled and manually fixed memory speeds for each test.  There is a single SATA II WD 7200 RPM 500 GB drive, LG ODD, and OCZ 700 watt PSU and the stock Intel cooler.

Corsair Dominator installed in test rig

We have a 24” Dell monitor to test games at both 800×600 and the native 1920×1200 resolution.

Dell 24

Intel Sandy Bridge Test Bench

 Processor  Intel Core i5 2500K  Live Pricing 
 Motherboard  Asus P8P67 B3 Rev 3  Live Pricing
 Memory  Corsair Dominator 4GB 1600MHz  Live Pricing
 Hard Drive  WD Caviar Black 500 GB   Live Pricing
 Video Card  Nvidia GTX 275  
 CPU cooler  Intel Stock  
 Chassis  None – Custom Open Bench  
 Power Supply  OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W  Live Pricing 
 Monitor  Dell Ultra Sharp U2410 24″ LCD  Live Pricing

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