Corsair CMPSU-620HX 620 Watt Power Supply Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

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It appears that Corsair has a winner on their hands with the HX series of power supplies.  The HX620W that we tested today performed very well and had some of the most stable rails that we have seen on a power supply that supports the latest multiple graphics card solutions from both ATI and NVIDIA. When using the HX620W on both AMD and Intel platforms we found the power supply to be stable and more than enough to feed power to the fastest desktop processors on the market today. 

While the power supply market is getting crowded it’s nice to see a company like Corsair step up to the plate and deliver a winner with the first swing.  It clearly out performs a number power supplies that we have reviewed in the past, which goes to show that Corsair has spent a great deal of time researching what type of power supply to put together for enthusiasts.  With a clean and simple metal housing on the outside and strong and stable components on the inside we strongly suggest looking at the HX series from Corsair. 

Corsair Power Supplies

Since many enthusiasts have owned Corsair products over the years it should be a given, but I will point out that Corsair still has one of the best customer support teams around with fast RMA service and tech support that knows what they are doing.  If you have a problem and ask “Ram Guy” a question over at the Corsair forums you know that you’re going to get an answer from a professional and get the right answer the first time!

The Corsair HX620W power supply will set you back $169.99, while the HX520W runs $119.99 over at  These prices place the HX series right in the middle of the pack when it comes to pricing, but when you add in the fact that they are modular and come with 80% efficiency rating at full load the extra $20 or $30 doesn’t look to bad at all.  Actually if you are replacing an older power supply that uses more power upgrading to a newer power supply will actually lower your monthly electric bill!

Looking back at our 8-way SLI and Crossfire Power Supply (PSU) Roundup and comparing the HX620W power supply and it’s features to those it really does start to shine.  The 120mm fan, modular design, stable rails, efficiency ratings and the middle of the road pricing make this the power our top pick for those wanting a stable and efficient modular power supply.  

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Legit Bottom Line: The Corsair HX620W power supply features solid power rails and is one of the most efficient power supplies on the market today.

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