Cooler Master HAF X Black Gaming Case Review

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External Impressions Continued


Cooler Master HAF X right side

The panel is somewhat plain, but it does have some bulges that will allow for more room for cables to be routed behind the motherboard tray.

Cooler Master HAF X 9 expansion slots

Moving around to the back we can get a good overall look. The first thing that jumps out is the HAF X that has 9 expansion slots.

Cooler Master HAF X water cooling pass through points

Interestingly, the HAF X has three water cooling pass through points. Two of these are meant for water cooling tubes, the third is for allowing the front panel USB3.0 port cabling to reach the rear motherboard I/O ports as currently there are no USB3.0 headers on motherboards. So Cooler master made allowances for the end user to run cables through the case and out the back.

Cooler Master HAF X rear exhaust fan

The HAX-X’s rear exhaust fan is a single 140mm fan.

Cooler Master HAF X 9 expansion slots

There are 9 expansion slots on the HAF X. Cooler Master went with 9 slots as this allowed for quad SLI and Crossfire X configurations no matter the board type. To the side of the expansion slots there is a small slot for mounting the GPU support bracket. Next to that is a large vent area.

Cooler Master HAF X PSU area

The bottom of the HAF X has a large vent for the PSU area. The vent is large enough that no matter the length of your PSU the fan should be able to get fresh air. There is also an option for case feet.

Cooler Master HAF X case feet

The HAF X comes with 4 rubber pads that are glued into small recesses in the case bottom. These don’t allow for the HAF X to sit very high up off the floor. In fact, if you have real plush carpet I doubt it would be off the floor at all.

Cooler<br /> Master HAF X case feet

Cooler Master also provided mounting points for the casters. That will make moving a fully loaded HAF X around much easier as well as raise it off the floor more.

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