CES 2015 – Thermaltake Shows New Cases, Coolers and More


Thermaltake eSports

For gaming, Thermaltake has a new headset coming out, the Shock 3D 7.1. It plans to retail at $79.99. The 7.1 audio is done by virtual surround sound and 4 integrated EQ settings. The integrated MIC will switch off automatically when it is raised up, volume controls are situated on the left earcup. Configuring the Shock 3D 7.1 will be done with a custom GUI which allows you to configure the headset to your specific needs.


The new Poseidon Z TouchBar keyboard integrates a touchbar into the spacebar. Full mechanical Blue and Brown switches make this a new option for gamers. Use the touchbar to zoom in, scroll or integrate macros.


Thermaltake also has a smart keyboard and mouse coming that uses a wired connection and bluetooth to transmit click stats to an Android or iOS device. A social aspect allows you to see how friends are doing, and see what they are doing different. The Poseidon Z Plus and Theron Plus will be the first keyboard and mouse that integrates these sensors for tracking.


Thermaltake-Keyboard-and-Mouse-TrackingThermaltake is looking to change things up and focus on the DIY enthusiast with customizable and stackable cases, custom liquid cooling loops and many new other cooling hardware. For gamers, they are also stepping up their eSports line with new headphones, keyboards and mice. While we just touched on the new hardware, check back with Legit Reviews as we begin to get this new hardware in and put it to the test!