CES 2015 – Thermaltake Shows New Cases, Coolers and More


Pacific RL240 Custom Liquid Cooling Starter Kit

For many starting a custom liquid cooling system is a confusing process, making sure everything works together and all the necessary components are there. Thermaltake as taken that confusion and tossed it out the window with the Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit, it includes everything necessary to start the process.


Included in the basic kit is a 288mm reservoir that holds 400ml of liquid, and the D5 pump. The Pacific W1 water block has a copper base with nickel plating and has universal socket compatibility. The all important radiator measures 282 x 129 x 64mm (LxWxH) and has G1/4 threaded connections for tubing. 200cm of 1/2″ tubing is included in the kit, along with 1000ML of Red coolant.

Thermaltake doesn’t stop there for their custom liquid cooling solution. Once the base kit is in place, you can upgrade the components as necessary, or build a custom liquid cooling system from scratch.


Thermaltake has radiators as small as 120mm all the way to 540mm (3x180mm fans)! There is no reason somebody can’t put together a perfect liquid cooling system for their needs.

Thermaltake-Extreme-Radiator 540mm

Something I noticed rather quickly was how thick these radiators are. To show the difference, a slim radiator was put next to one of these new custom loop radiators, and the difference is quite obvious. The thin radiator is similar in thickenss to the Water 3.0 Ultimate cooler we just took a look at at 27mm, while the Pacific radiators are 64mm thick!


Radiators aren’t the only parts you can get from Thermaltakes new liquid cooling line, pumps, reservoirs, and water blocks.

Thermaltake-Liquid-Cooling-PartsThermaltake doesn’t stop with just the hardware to put together a custom water cooling system, new fans will be available and other air coolers for those that don’t want to mess with a liquid cooled system.

Thermaltake-Air-Cooling-Parts New LED fans with a LED ring rather than individual LEDs, helps to make the lighting more even and look incredible. Of course to control all those fans a new touch panel fan controller will also be available soon.


Thermaltake has you covered no matter how you want to cool your system.