CES 2011: NETGEAR’s 2011 Routers

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NETGEAR: Home Theater and In-Home Mobility

It’s clear that many of us are addicted to the internet and media, I know that I am! One of the more frustrating things is getting devices connected to the internet and your media. NETGEAR to the rescue!


Today NETGEAR is announcing the WN3000RP, which is a compact, wall plug, universal WiFi range extender. This little guy should come in handy for U-verse subscribers who need additional WiFi range. Plug this little guy into an outlet between where your wireless point is and where you need WiFi, press a button and your range will be extended.


The Internet Adapter for Home Theaters (XAVB5004) is the first 4-port 500Mbps powerline adapter kit and is the fastest powerline solution on the market today! That’s plenty of bandwidth for streaming HD content to a remote television, Blu-ray player, game consoles, or PC, just to name a few. The kit includes one 1-port adapter to connect to the router and one 4-port adapter to connect the Home Theater room. The solution’s four ports are conveniently color coded for simple setup and quality of service (QoS).

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