CES 2011: Intel Demos Future Sandy Bridge Capabilities

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Sandy Bridging the Media and Entertainment Gap

Intel and Best Buy Cinema Now

Another feature of Sandy Bridge that didn’t get much notice on launch day is what they are calling “Intel Insider.” It’s not DRM per say, but an “end to end solution” to protect high definition content. With technology inside of Sandy Bridge, Warner Bros and other movie studios are finally starting to embrace the PC as a delivery of High Definition content. Software developed to deliver on-line sales of HD content through sites like CinemaNow from Best Buy and even Warner Bros.com will be able to detect that you have a 2nd Generation Intel Core CPU and allow content to be streamed or downloaded to your PC. Details were light on if the movie could be transferred to another device but copying is definitely out. Check out the video below to see CinemaNow in action.

Warner Brothers and some other major studios globally now feel that their content is safe using the end to end transport inside of all Sandy Bridge CPU’s. You can look forward to using Sandy Bridge for an Intel Wireless display (WiDi), streaming 1080p content from your laptop directly to your television. Look for Warnerbros.com to offer similar paid downloads coming soon!

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