CeBIT Hannover, Germany 2004!

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Shuttle’s Public Gaming Systems!

Up Close & Personal (note monitors)

Various Vendor Booths:

Micro Star International (MSI)

Corsair Memory



Coolest CeBIT Demo System:

ECS’s Sports Car PC Display


After talking with vendors at CeBIT it seems as if everything is coming along nicely in the market and everyone expects 2004 to be a good year for sales. We did also hear off the record that Intel motherboard makers are complaining about the new pin-less Socket 775 processors. As most of you already know the pins are now in the socket on the mobo and NOT on the processor. On current Intel processors if a pin gets broken the cpu gets replaced, but now the RMA’s from broken pins go to the mobo makers. Since the 775 socket is surface mounted they have a tough time replacing the socket. We had the chance to see DDR2 up and running on many systems and according to Corsair Memory and others DDR2 is ready to go when everything else is set for launch.

The upcoming months should prove to be busy for us and fun for the enthusiasts as the new products start rolling onto the marketing!

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