CeBIT Hannover, Germany 2004!

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Entering The Exibit Hall

Map of the Floor

Another trade show has come and gone, but this time around we got the chance to see some new products for the first time!

With CeBIT Hannover attendance totaling 510,000 CeBIT 2004 proved not to be a dead show! The organizers believe they had roughly 3,400 more visitors per day compared with last year. If this is true it would be CeBIT’s first rise in attendance in three years. Many cool things were on display by the many vendors at CeBIT, but we were after the motherboards!

The Motherboards!


ABIT’s AA7-DuraMAX Alderwood Solution

ABIT’s AG7 Grantsdale Solution


Grantsdale With DDR1 Memory Solution

Grantsdale With DDR2 Memory Solution

Gigabyte’s 939 Pin Athlon 64 Board


ASUS’s KT880 Solution

ASUS K8T800 939 Pin Athlon 64 Solution


TYAN’s Quad Opteron Solution!

TYAN’s Alderwood w/ an AGP slot & DDR2

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