BlueAnt X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

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Conclusions & Wrap-Up

BlueAnt X5

Even with all of the fantastic amenities that BlueAnt includes with the X5 – extra battery, audio streamer, extra audio cables, extra USB cables – the fact of the matter is that people will buy this headset to get Bluetooth stereo sound.  Unfortunately, the drivers on the headphones aren’t that great and if you are a fan of quality-sounding, and high-fidelity music, then the X5’s sound just will not get it done.

BlueAnt X5 Speaker Close Up

Comparing BlueAnt’s X5 to the Plantronics Pulsar 590A is like night and day.  With a similar design – but heftier price tag – Plantronics’ Pulsar sounds much warmer and fuller than that of BlueAnt’s entry.  When listening to MP3’s and FLAC files, the X5 was not able to produce the warm response that we were hoping for.  The X5 filters out noise better than the Plantronics headset much like the Motorola HT820, but the sound you hear from the source is lacking overall. 

BlueAnt has priced this Headset bundle at $119, but you can purchase these for well under $100 which makes the headset bundle a very good buy.  One of the things that surprised us about the X5 was its ability to be upgraded via new firmware.  This might give the X5 a bit more longevity than your typical headset, but our general problem is not with the functionality, our problem is with its performance.

BlueAnt X5 Paired With Cowon A2

Legit Bottom Line:

Once again, BlueAnt delivers an innovative Bluetooth product in the form of the very affordable ($100 street price) X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset.  The X5 is versatile enough to be used effectively with not only your mobile device, but your computer and favorite audio source, to stream over Bluetooth stereo sound.  It’s not the best Bluetooth stereo sound we have heard, but the included bundle makes it a great buy.

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