BitFenix Pandora Core Window mATX Case Review


BitFenix Pandora Core Window mATX PC Case

Many case manufacturers have been around for many years, BitFenix is a relatively new contender in the world of computer cases. In four years, they have gone from a new unknown company, to one that is recognized in the industry and recommended along with the big names in cases. Today, we are looking at the newest case offered by BitFenix, the Pandora. Like most cases, there are multiple versions of the Pandora, designed to meet as many needs as possible, while keeping the overall look and feel of the case the same.


There are two main models of the Pandora, with several variants of each of the models. The main model, the Pandora includes a solid side panel and a 2.4″ TFT LCD on the front panel, there is a sub-model that includes a Window on the side panel. The second model, is the Pandora Core, which includes everything in the Pandora, without the 2.4″ TFT LCD screen, a sub-model of the Pandora Core includes the Window on the side panel as well. Both cases are available in solid black, and another variant Silver and Black.


The Pandora line is a mATX case, that measures 160mm x 420mm x 465mm (W x H x D). Other than the side panel and the TFT LCD screen, the Pandora supports a range of other computer hardware. There are two dedicated 2.5″ drive mounts, and two 3.5″ drive mounts internally; however one of the 3.5″ drives could be swapped for a 2.5″ drive. One of the two 2.5″ drive locations is designed to be seen through the side window which allows users to show off a single drive.

As the Pandora supports most of the latest enthusiast grade hardware, cooling is always something to take into consideration. In each of the Pandora cases, BitFenix includes two 120mm fans, one at the front and one on top; another 120mm fan can be added to the front to increase the air intake. Small cases, typically mean there is a limitation on the CPU cooler, in the Pandora it is limited to 134mm in height. If liquid cooling is preferred, up to a 240mm radiator can be installed at the front of the case


With a total of eight different Pandora cases, it can be a little difficult to make sure you are getting the version you want. Each of the cases is available now, and can be found on, they range in price from $126 plus shipping to $148 plus shipping. Like most cases, BitFenix includes a 1 year warranty.

BitFenix Pandora Model Number Price Live Pricing
Pandora – Black BFC-PAN-300-KKXL1-RP $148.00 + Shipping Click Here
Pandora – Silver BFC-PAN-300-KSXL1-RP $148.00 + Shipping Click Here
Pandora Window – Black BFC-PAN-300-KKWL1-RP $139.00 Free Shipping Cick Here
Pandora Window – Silver BFC-PAN-300-KSWL1-RP $139.00 Free Shipping Click Here
Pandora Core – Black BFC-PAN-300-KKXN1-RP $126.00 + Shipping Click Here
Pandora Core – Silver BFC-PAN-300-KSXN1-RP $126.00 + Shipping Click Here
Pandora Core Window – Black BFC-PAN-300-KKWN1-RP $143.00 + Shipping Click Here
Pandora Core Window – Silver BFC-PAN-300-KSWN1-RP $137.00 + Shipping Click Here

Features and Specifications

  • Elegant Slim Design – At just 160mm wide, Pandora Core Window features a timeless slim design that fits in any modern decor.
  • Brushed Aluminum Side Panels – Adorning both sides of Pandora Core Window are two curved side panels. Crafted from solid aluminum and featuring a matte brushed finish.
  • Acrylic Window Side Panel – The windowed side panel of Pandora Core Window is designed to not only show off your motherboard and graphics card, but also the side-mounted SSD drive.
  • Direct Airflow Design – Pandora Core Window employs smart layout and cable management features to ensure that cool air from the front fan locations can reach your graphics card and CPU.
BitFenix Pandora Core Specifications
Materials Aluminum, Steel, Plastic
Colors (Interior / Exterior) Black/Black, Black/Silver
Dimensions (WxHxD) 160mm x 420mm x 465mm
Motherboard Sizes Micro ATX, Mini-ITX
3.5″ Drive Bays x2
2.5″ Drive Bays x3
Cooling Top 120mm x 1 (included)
Cooling Front 120mm x 2 (1 included)
PCI Slots x5
I/O USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio
Power Supply PS2 ATX (bottom, multi direction)
Extras Brushed Aluminum Side Panels, Cable Management
Warranty 1 Year
GPU Length (with fan) 350mm
CPU Cooler Height 134mm
Power Supply 180mm
Liquid Cooling Up to 240mm