Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W BN603 PSU Review

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Unboxing the Dark Power Pro 10 850W

 The box

Be Quiet! supplies the Dark Power Pro 10 850W power supply inside a very sturdy and well-designed cardboard box, with a very serious artwork theme, mainly based on a picture of the power supply itself. Inside the large box, the power supply is very carefully packed and sandwiched between thick packaging foam.

 The box rear

A lot of information may be found on the back side of the box, ranging from the list of features down to the length of each individual cable, making the packaging itself essentially a basic manual.


Be Quiet! is known to be a company which offers the richest of bundles with their premium power supplies and the Dark Power Pro 10 850W unit is no exception. Inside the box the user will find the typical A/C cable, a good manual, five black 3M screws plus five black thumbscrews, a few basic cable ties, ten high quality cable straps, a bracket with the OCK switch (more on that later), a jumper to bypass OCK and even four cables which provide eight extra 3-pin fan connectors.

 Modular cables

The company supplies the modular cables of this power supply not inside a reusable nylon pouch but in a strong cardboard box. The box may still be used for storing the excess cables and might be a more elegant solution than a pouch for some. Be Quiet! has been generous with the number of connectors, allowing the unit to power dual CPU and three-way GPU configurations. The picture below depicts the length of each cable and the number of connectors.


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