AZZA Genesis 9000 Full Tower PC Case Review

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The AZZA Genesis 9000W Case

Now a lot of chassis manufacturers claim that their chassis are capable of handling water cooling radiators on the inside of the chassis, but typically these chassis limit what the size of radiator is that can be used. Typically, these can handle up to a dual 120mm (240mm) sized radiator, and then out of those chassis there are only a handful of chassis that can truly handle a triple 120mm (360mm) sized radiator. But, unfortunately, some of these chassis required us computer users to remove a good portion of the chassis’ internals to be able to mount triple 120mm (360mm) radiator inside of it. So when I heard of a chassis manufacturer laying claim that they have a chassis that can handle not only just 1 radiator but two radiators, and that this chassis is fully capable of handling both a quad 120mm (480mm) radiator alongside a dual 120mm (240mm) radiator inside of it while also not having us computer users gut the entire interior of the chassis to be able to handle these types of radiators, it made me a bit skeptical, and at the same time curious to what we computer users had to do to the chassis to make a rather large radiator like a quad 120mm (480mm) to be able to fit inside.

Genesis 9000 Side 3/4 View

Well, over here at Legit Reviews, we just happen to be looking at one of the many chassis from AZZA, the Genesis 9000 full tower. Now AZZA says that the Genesis 9000 full tower chassis is fully capable of handling both a quad 120mm (480mm) radiator as well as a dual 120mm (240mm) radiator inside of it. Well, I just happen to have two radiators, and one of them is one the largest quad 120mm (480mm) radiators available to us water cooling computer users, the quad 120mm (480mm) triple row, dual pass radiator from XSPC. I also have a dual 120mm (240mm) single row, dual pass radiator, from Swiftech that I will be using. So we are just going to have to see if the Genesis 9000 full tower chassis from AZZA can truly handle a dual water cooling radiator computer configuration with a quad 120mm alongside a dual 120mm radiator on the interior.

AZZA Genesis 9000 Case Specifications:

  • Model Name: Genesis 9000W
  • Model Number: CSAZ-9000W
  • Type: ATX Full Tower
  • Color(s): White with Blue trim, or Black with Red trim
  • Material: 0.8mm SECC
  • Side Panel Window : Yes
  • With Power Supply: No
  • CPU Cooler Compatibility: up to 200mm
  • Motherboard Compatibility: XL-ATX,E-ATX, Full ATX, Micro ATX
  • Power Supply Locations: Rear Bottom or Front Bottom, Supports Dual-Power Supply
  • External 5.25″ Drive Bay: 9
  • Internal 3.5 Drive Bays: 5+1(up to 9)
  • Easy Swap 2.5″ SSD Slot: 2 (up to 5)
  • Easy Swap 3.5″ HDD Slot: 2(up to 5)
  • Expansion Slots: 9
  • Front Ports: 2x USB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, e-SATA, HD Audio, Mic
  • Cooling System
  • 230mm Fan: 2x230mm Silent Fan (24DBA) on The Top w/Fan Speed Control
  • 140mm Fan: 2x140mm Silent Fan (19DBA) at Bottom w/Fan Speed Control
  • 120mm Fan: 1x120mm Fan in Rear, 2x120mm on the Side for HDD
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 25.1″x9.8″x23.2″ (640mmx250mmx590mm)
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Giving the specifications of the AZZA Genesis 9000 full tower chassis a quick scan, AZZA lists the Genesis 9000 chassis capable of handling a quad 120mm (480mm) radiator. We also can see that this chassis can handle quite a few different sized motherboards, anywhere from a micro ATX to the larger EATX. The Genesis 9000 full tower chassis is able to handle video cards up to 400mm in length, and this chassis contains 2 hot swappable HDD ports. We also get a lot of the optional fans included, and when we get to the dimensions of this chassis, we get an idea that this particular chassis is just simply huge.

    Genesis 9000

    I would like to add that AZZA also offers two color variations of the Genesis 9000 chassis; we have the option of choosing a color scheme of a White chassis with blue trimmed LED lighting, or a Black chassis with red trimmed LED lighting. LR was sent the Genesis 9000W to review, so you’ll be seeing the white version today.

    A quick look for a pricing of this particular chassis found that it has a price tag of $169.99 USD and is available over at with free shipping. I will go more into my personal thoughts of the pricing of this chassis at the end of this review.

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