ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 GPU Preview

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A Look At The Mobility Radeon X1600 Core

We were able to get our hands on an engineering sample of the X1600 before it was launched and managed to take a few snapshots.

The ATI Redeon Mobility X1600 Core

The above image is a closeup of the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 core that is shown below. Having the memory on the graphics card  may seem odd to many, but it is now common.  The card shown below is not an embedded memory part but is what they call integrated memory part. As notebooks become more compact the most logical place to go is vertical. The image below shows an ATI X1600 in Stacked Chip – Scale Package (CSP).

The ATI X1600 Core

The ATI X1600 Pin Layout

The memory IC’s that were used on this card are Infineon GDDR3. Looking at the memory IC’s we also see “ES” etched into them, which means that they are also engineering samples. The part number on the memory was HYB18H512321AF. With the memory clock rated at 470MHz we would believe that these ES memory IC’s are more than likely rated at 800MHz or 900MHz.

What the part number means:

  • HY: Infineon 
  • 18H: DDQ=1.8 V
  • 512: 512-Mbit density
  • 32: Organization
  • A: Product revision
  • F: Lead- and Halogen-Free

I just want to note that the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 that might be in your next notebook may look nothing like the one shown above due to different form factors. Some will be CSP, while others will be MXM II or built using the Axiom form factor.  No matter how it is made it will feature the same core, but the clocks will be set by each notebook OEM/ODM. 

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