ASUS P7P55D Deluxe Motherboard Review

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ASUS P7P55D Deluxe Specifications

Our time with the ASUS P7P55D Deluxe was great. The motherboard was extremely stable in both stock and overclocked configurations, which is a sign of good design. It has an incredible number of features and of course, the great ASUS name.

What sticks out at me about the ASUS P7P55D Deluxe is that it goes about its business without any hassle. Simply type in some settings that look rational and off it goes. Not once did I have to reset the CMOS or pray that it would come back to life. If I put in a setting that it did not agree with, it simply rebooted with the default settings. Upon entering the BIOS, what I had put in was still there so I could make adjustments based on that. If you’re spending $212.99 on a P55 motherboard, these are things that you should expect. Any P55 motherboard will get you stock performance, but if you are an enthusiast, the extra cash had better be worth it.

The ASUS TurboV software bundled with the motherboard worked great. It was by far the easiest software utility I’ve used to overclock a system. With the included TurboV remote, you have very little reason to ever leave your chair when trying to push your overclock.

While outside of this using the feature for the review, I likely would not use the Automatic OC Tuner Utility, I think it is a good value add because not everyone knows how to overclock an i5/i7 CPU. Even veterans coming from socket 775 will no doubt have some confusion when first trying their legs at overclocking on this platform. For newbies to overclocking or someone just looking for additional performance for free, this is perfect.

If I have one complaint it is about the placement on the motherboard for the TurboV remote header. Frankly, it is in a terrible position. As I mentioned it will be slightly difficult to install with a large CPU cooler in place, but if you want to remove it, well…good luck! Because of its placement, I had to resort to needle nose pliers to remove it.

Overall, I was happy with this motherboard and feel that it is a quality offering for any enthusiast looking for a solid overclocking motherboard. Even better is that it maintains excellent performance at default settings. If you are in the market for a P55 motherboard, you could do a lot worse than the ASUS P7P55D Deluxe.

Legit Bottom Line: The ASUS P7P55D Deluxe comes out swinging with top of the heap performance and overclocking power to spare. Enthusiasts should keep this board on their short list as it is packed with great features and backed by the biggest name in the business.

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