ASUS Crosshair III Formula Motherboard Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Like all ASUS motherboards, the Crosshair III Formula comes with a three year warranty. Three years seems to be optimal; in three years you typically have gone through two CPU product cycles and the typical end-user will have upgraded by then. I’ve heard mixed reports on the quality of ASUS RMA but I personally have had a positive experience RMA’ing an X48 Rampage Extreme.

Asus Crosshair III Formula Heatsink

Comparing the Crosshair III Formula to the other 790FX based motherboards on the market shows a few things. Sure, it has the highest price but don’t doubt for a second that you don’t get something extra out of this. The TweakIt feature, if you have access to a PS/2 keyboard, is a huge step up on the competition. The LCD poster peripheral and the Supreme FX X-Fi card are two great accessories that weren’t necessary but greatly appreciated. The packaging and styling are also marvelous; Republic of Gamer boards and boxes are always top notch.

Asus Crosshair III Formula Board

My only issue with the Crosshair III Formula is the expansion slot layout. Very few individuals would be able to utilize three or four PCIe x16 slots, but for the select few that can it forces them to use the nearly equal ASUS M4A79T-Deluxe or the far less superior MSI 790FX-GD70. Besides this one minor flaw the Crosshair III Formula is a rather formidable board and rightfully stands at the top of the charts for price, features, and quality.

When it comes to pricing the ASUS Crosshair II Formula motherboard retails for $203.99 shipped and it is the most expensive of all the AMD 790FX motherboards on the market today.  You get all the bells and whistles with this board at this price point though. It is clearly aimed at the gamer/overclocker, so if that is you look no further. If you are looking for a bargain Newegg has some open box Crosshair III Formula motherboards for $137.99 available right now, which is a great price on this motherboard!

Legit Bottom Line: When you want quality and performance in a slick package look no further than the ASUS Crosshair III Formula.

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