Antlion Audio ModMic 5 Modular Microphone Review


Antlion ModMic 5 – Clearly The Best Mic?

The ModMic 5 does exactly what it sets out to do and gives users a microphone with solid recording quality capability that can be integrated into pretty much any headphone on the market. The small improvements that Antlion has made to the ModMic 5 over the ModMic 4 are most welcome, as they make the ModMic 5 more versatile and capable than ever before. Installation of the ModMic 5 was simple and I found that they were able to integrate well with my Sennheiser HD 598 CS, especially with the new, modular cable system that let me keep the cables together and run pretty short. The ModMic 5 even integrated well with the HyperX Cloud Alpha, which have their own mic input on the ear cup, which allows for direct input from the ModMic 5 without the use of extension cables. The ModMic 5 definitely took the edge in recording quality over my HyperX Cloud Alpha microphone, though it certainly should given the current $69.95 asking price is more than half of what the HyperX headset retails for. Even compared to my Blue Snowball, the ModMic 5 sounds full and clear, with great hiss-reduction and pop-filtration.

Antlion ModMic 5 w/accessories

The ability to turn on uni-directional recording to shut out surrounding noise can really come in useful in noisy environments such as LAN parties and I found that that mode did a great job of blocking unwanted noise from my conversations. The omni-directional recording mode of the ModMic 5 provided an even greater, fuller recording range and is the mode I generally would use, as it allowed for the most detailed recording capability. The $69.95 price point of the ModMic 5 definitely puts it in the territory where you could consider a Blue Snowball ($49.00 shipped) or other desktop condensor mic. The ModMic 5 and its compact nature make it a unique product and since it is headset mounted, it will sit closer to your mouth than a typical desktop microphone. Even a properly mounted microphone on a swivel arm won’t be as simple to place for optimal pick up as the ModMic 5. In short, the ModMic 5 is a compact little beast and while a desktop microphone can provide better recording quality, they can’t match the simplicity and compact nature of the ModMic 5.

If you want a quality microphone that you can put on any headphone, the ModMic 5 is the way to go. Antlion has covered all the bases here and the ModMic 5 has excellent build quality, along with improved style and function. With Antlion releasing such a solid successor to their ModMic lineup, we can only wonder what the future will bring from the company?

Legit Bottom Line: If you have a quality set of headphones and want to turn them into a full-fledged headset with solid recording capability, the Antlion ModMic 5 is exactly what you need.