AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Leak Tipping Better than Intel Performance at a Lower Price


Benchmarks have leaked again for the coming AMD Ryzen processor and this time out the benchmarks show very impressive multi-core and single-core performance. The alleged test system in these benchmarks used an AMD Ryzen 8-core, 16-thread ES running at 3.4GHz. Presumably that means the chip was the Ryzen 7 1700X and we don’t know if these benchmarks are with the turbo mode on or not.

The system used in the review again used a basic MSI A320 AM4 mainboard with no overclocking and 16GB of 2400MHz DDR4. We really want to know at this point what the Ryzen chips would do when crammed into a high-end board with high-end RAM and overclocked. There are a bunch of benchmarks run on the Ryzen chip this time out with integer math, floating point performance, prime numbers, encryption compression, sorting, SSE performance, and physics.

AMD Ryzen Benchmark

The best news about these benchmarks is that the Ryzen 7 1700X outperformed all comers in many of the benchmarks, including the fast Intel Broadwell-E i7 6900K. This is good news for fans out there who have been wishing for years that AMD would give Intel some competition. The Ryzen part performed particularly well in integer math and encryption, something important in the server space.

One of the most impressive parts of the benchmarks, assuming these are accurate, is that the Ryzen chip in question has been pegged to carry a retail price of $389. That means performance better than Intel’s part in many benchmarks and that Intel part sells for over $1,000. The Ryzen chip managed to beat the Intel i7-6900K and i7-6800K in single-threaded performance.

At the same time we have these new benchmarks to peruse also comes a report that AMD Ryzen parts will ship on February 28 and reviews will land that same day. Word is that the NDA lifts on the 28th, not quite two weeks from now. The February 28 launch is tipped to include the Ryzen 1800X, 1700X, and 1700 models.

The other parts in the line are rumored to land on March 2. AMD fans should be very excited as should Intel fans. If the benchmarks hold true after the official launch, AMD is matching many of Intel’s parts on the performance side at vastly cheaper prices and Intel will have to respond. You can check out the AMD Ryzen benchmarks that leaked earlier this week for more information.