AMD Ryzen benchmarks, clock speeds and pricing details leak, CPU wars are heating up


AMD fans out there who have been waiting on more details to surface about the coming AMD Ryzen processor family will be thrilled to hear that more details have leaked over the weekend. Among the new leaked data are Ryzen benchmarks and pricing information. There are nine different Ryzen parts called out in the price leak seen in the images here.

AMD Ryzen Pricing

The most expensive part is the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X packing in eight cores with 16MB L3 , 95W TDP, 3.6GHz base frequency and 4.0GHz on turbo with 4.0GHz XFR, and the processor is unlocked for overclocking. That little beastie carries a price of $499. The cheapest Ryzen part is the Ryzen 3 1100 with quad cores, 8MB L3, 65W TDP, 3.2GHz base frequency and 3.5GHz on turbo. It has no XFR and is unlocked for overclocking (as is the entire Ryzen family) with a price of $129.

Ryzen XFR

To say these are impressive prices is an understatement and if the performance and pricing hold true, perhaps Intel will feel the pressure to give buyers more bang for their buck. Interestingly the leaked data suggests that you will need an approved cooler to unlock the XFR feature. AMD hasn’t announced what XFR is, but many are thinking that it stands for ‘eXtended Frequency Range’ right now. We’ve heard rumors that there will be three CPU cooler options for Ryzen and if you purchase a Ryzen X CPU with one of the better approved cooler you can get higher clock speeds. We are going to guess this is where AMD’s new S3.0 Radiator cooling solution might come into the equation as water cooling could easily allow for higher clock speeds.

The benchmarks that have leaked online (which have been pulled from the forums) show performance in the Passmark suite compared to some Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake parts. These benchmarks show a CPU Mark score of 15084 for the Ryzen chip said to be the Ryzen 7 1700X. Single threaded CPU performance is 2046 and physics benchmark is 726.

Raja Koduri Getting Close To His Glowing Ryzen System
Raja Koduri Getting Close To His Glowing Ryzen System

It’s worth noting that the benchmarks here are claimed to be with turbo mode turned off, so expect more with Turbo activated. The hardware the test system was apparently running includes a rather basic mainboard and RAM, better hardware could increase performance even further. We can’t wait to see some benchmarks with high-end hardware in the mix and Turbo mode enabled.