AMD Mantle Patch for THIEF on Intel 3570K CPU

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As many of us is curious how Overclocking affects Mantle, we tossed a quick overclock on the system.  The CPU was overclocked from 3.4Ghz to 4.3Ghz, memory went from 1300Mhz to 1866Mhz, and the GPU was increased to 1250Mhz.  While these are not extreme overclocks, they are easily obtainable on the test system.

Thief Mantle Normal OC

With the system overclocked, the average FPS went from 56.7 to 79.8.  This is a 40.74% increase in FPS with some very basic overclocking.  Once again, the maximum FPS without Mantle is having problems getting over the low 60’s, this certainly appears to be skewing results and is a concern.

Thief Mantle High OC

A 16.13% performance increase with Mantle when the graphic settings are set to High.  The Maximum FPS without Mantle is again in the low 60’s while Mantle doesn’t seem to be limited.

Thief Mantle Very High OC

A much smaller boost in performance at 6.38% still isn’t bad for a free update.

Once again, without Mantle, the Maximum FPS seems to be limited to the low 60’s, and will seriously mess with the results.  Looking from the base scores to overclocking, we can see that overclocking does affect Mantle, exactly how much of a boost is hard to say with the Maximum FPS being limited.


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