Albatron Ti4680P Turbo

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Our expectations for this card were to meet the results that we achieved from overclocking the Albatron Ti4200P Turbo which reached 290mhz core and 640mhz memory. We started off by applying Artic Silver 2 to the GPU and making sure it contacted the heatsink correctly. We then ran 3dMark2001 benchmarks from the default clock settings up in 5mhz increments to the point where the scores lowered due to fragments. We found that our card maxes out at 290mhz core and 645mhz memory. If we try running the core or memory at just 1mhz higher we recieved a ton of distortion and as a result our benchmark scores lowered, but at 290/645 everything ran perfect. The core speed remained the same between the two cards, but the Albatron Ti4680P Turbo card was 5mhz faster on the memory.

To sum up our overclocking section, the card runs 50mhz faster on the core and almost 201mhz faster on the memory than the default Nvidia Ti 4200 spec sheet shows on a 128mb card. Just like the Albatron Ti4200P Turbo, this card displayed exceptional overclocking potential.


After round two with Albatron, we are still very pleased with their products. If anything, by conducting this review we learned that Albatron not only puts out a good product, but that the quality is consistent. Any company can produce one or two killer cards from the production line, but the cards I have received from Albatron are consistent and stable.

The performance from having 8x AGP is noticable on some applications, but was not as noticable as some may like to see. Personally, I consider 8x AGP something of the future–something that we will eventually use in our daily computing. For the time being, all I can say is be a smart shopper. I tend to buy for the future and if you also tend to do that then this card is something you might want to consider. The Albatron Ti4680P Turbo has enough features that will be able to hold you over till the next greatest line of video cards come out.

The Geforce FX is said to be loud, hot, and ~$400. The Radeon 9700 Pro has great performance, but comes in at a price tag of around ~$270. When overclocked the Albatron Ti4200P Turbo gives you Ti4600 performance for roughly ~$160. It also has the latest and greatest technology including 8x AGP and 128mb of memory allowing you to play all the newest video games. Due to the price point and the features that this card offers, I personally find it hard to pass up.

Next, we will hopefully be looking at some of Albatron’s new motherboards that also are starting to become popular here in the United States. These are rumored to be some pretty strong and stable boards, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out. Albatron has set our expectations of their products to the highest level!


  • Performance
  • Memory Cooling
  • 3.3ns Memory
  • Cost Effective High Performance
  • Does Not Use a PCI slot
  • Not very loud
  • Looks Great


  • Needs a DVI To D-Sub VGA Converter

The Albatron Ti4680P Turbo recieves our highest rating and the Editor’s Choice Award!

Editor's Choice Award

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