AcoustiFan DustPROOF Ultra-Quiet PC Fans


AcoutisFan Dustproof fans

Accoustifan 120mm fan

With North America now well into hot summer weather and new processors getting hotter more users are looking to update their stock case cooling with a better solution. The main problem with updating system cooling is the noise trade off. The more fans you add the more system noise will be generated. Anyone that likes a clean system knows that additional fans bring a ton of dust into the system and have to be cleaned to keep your platform looking at its best.

Legit Reviews was recently asked to look at some products from a company called Acousti Products, a maker of quality case fans, whose line includes “AcoustiFan DustPROOF” fans. While not actually dustproof, that’s simply the name for the line of fans, the Acoustifan Dustproof fans do in fact have a dust-fee sealed motor. Although it’s not the magical dustproof fan, these fans bring something else to your system, quiet cooling. A big thanks goes out to QuietPC for bring these fans to our attention.

AcoustiFans have not been designed for maximum airflow performance, but rather for quietness (although the cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow specifications are still very respectable). The ultimate solution for a near-silent system is adequate airflow to maintain low system and component temperatures but without excessive fan noise and vibration. These fans are not designed for ‘extreme’ or ‘overclocked’ systems with a particular need for high airflow, but rather for systems where several well positioned ultra-quiet fans, each with a relatively slow RPM, will be more than adequate for cooling purposes. The DustPROOF fans all start as low as 5VDC for virtually silent operation.”

While some companies manufacture high flow fans for case cooling, these fans can be quite annoying, a great example would be the Tornado, which sounds like a dust buster or vacuum cleaner.

Dustproof fan

Let’s take a look at the fans specifications.

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