ABIT Media XP Pro

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One of the coolest features that this comes with is the remote control. Anything that advances the usefulness of a computer really gains bonus points from us. This is a quality remote that looks and feels like one you would get with a new DVD player. So if you’re one of those lucky people with a pc in the living room you can control your DVD’s, Power Point Presentations, and a number of other programs away from your keyboard.

Abit also included a small software bundle that contains Win DVD 3.1 Multi-Channel, and Win Rip 5.1, both of these programs are also designed to work with your remote control.

Key Features:


  • MS (Sony Memory Stick)
  • SD (Panasonic Secure Digital Cards)
  • C/F (Compact Flash I & II)


  • S/PDIF
  • Headphone
  • MIC or Line in


  • Remote Control
  • WinDVD (Support Dolby Digital/ DTS 5.1ch output )
  • WinRip (MP3 5.1ch output)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint Presentation Point


  • Digital Camera storage
  • Easy to use USB 2.0 and 1394 interface
  • NetMeeting/MSN/ICQ
  • Digital Audio support
  • 5.1ch audio support
  • Presentation
  • Remote Control


The ABIT Media XP is a product that adds to the appeal of the MAX 1 & 2 series motherboards. Everyone likes to be able to expand and add options for their purchases and ABIT helps feed our addiction. Any gamer or music fan would benefit from this as it has the front audio out. Therefore you no longer have to run cords around to the back of the computer. If you own a device that uses either Secure Digital / Multimedia Cards, Memory Stick and Compact Flash cards, you’ll find the drives very useful. They will take the place of external devices, therefore freeing up additional USB slots and desk space.

The remote control is what really made this a nice product for me. Being able to watch movies without having to use the keyboard is a nice feature, and I know that thousands of college students are stuck in a dorm room and use their computer as their sole DVD player/multimedia center.

To sum it up, the ABIT Media XP will allow you to break away from cables and therefore increase your computer experience.


  • No Wires
  • Cost Effective (Under US $60)
  • Remote!
  • More Versitile System


  • Who Picked The Nasty Off-White 1970’s Color?


  • Can We Say Friendly Colors
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