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Abit is one of the industry leaders when it comes to offering feature rich products for computer users. This is the ABIT Media XP which is one of the great add-in devices that is designed to enhance your computing experience with the ABIT IT7/AT7 MAX series motherboards.

The ABIT Media XP allows access for front IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 ports, readers for Compact Flash (including IBM Microdrive), Memory Stick and Secure Digital media-types, plus it also houses audio inputs/outputs such as headphone, mic and Digital Optical output.

One thing that you have to remember that this is for use on ABIT’s MAX 1 and 2 series motherboards. Although you can use it on other motherboards if you have open internal IEEE 1394 and USB ports. The problem that you will encounter when trying to install this on another brand of motherboard is that the audio header uses a 12-pin connector which you most likely will not have on your motherboard if it is not an ABIT MAX series board.

Installing this unit is very simple and is just like installing a CD-ROM drive. So if you have changed out a CD-ROM or hard drive in the past this is on the same level of skill. As for the software side, it too is pretty simple. The majority of our visitors are running Windows XP and should be happy to know that the drivers for this device are native and you do not have to install anything other than the software programs that ABIT includes. Although if you are running another operating system do not feel left out as ABIT included the drivers you need on the software CD and with a couple extra steps you too will be ready to use the ABIT Media XP.

Once you have installed the drivers, Windows will assign each a drive letter and show the three drives under devices with removable storage, which is the same location as your CD-ROM’s and ZIP/Floppy drives. So saving or removing files can be done drag/drop or by saving them directly to the devices.

Now that you understand how to install the unit and software we can look at the features it has to offer.

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