Abit GeForce 4 Ti4200 OTES

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LR: With the success of the otes does Abit plan to carry the otes design over to the next generation nvidia GPU’s such as the upcoming NV30?

ABIT: Of course, we will have the same OTES on theNV28 and the upcoming NV30. Also we will be coming out with the OTES 4200 8x AGP 128mb version soon.

LR: When this card was created was it done so with gamers in mind or was Abit thinking of something else?

ABIT: Abit pays close attention to Gamer’s feedback and this is what sparked the interest.

LR: Some other brands use passive cooling to increase the ram performance and to make things look pretty, why did Abit not include them and will we see them in the future?

ABIT: We are not sure if we are going to add it on the future NV28 and NV30, but we are LOOKING into it and WORKING on it.

LR: Abit uses Hynix memory chips that are rated to 3.6ns, or 555MHz DDR, and some other companies use 3.3ns Hynix chips which can achieve up to 610mhz DDR on the RAM is Abit looking into changing this feature on the OTES 4200 8x AGP 128mb version

ABIT: Currently the project is using 3.6ns chips, but we may change this on other versions in the future.

Interview Thoughts:

We are impressed by Abit’s concern and care for their cutsomers and market. I hope Abit continues to understand and listen to the needs of hardcore gamers and users in the future like they are now. We look forward to reviewing the next OTES, and our hopes are set high for it!

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