AAC On Their PureXS Conroe Powered Gaming PC


Final Thoughts

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My Final Thoughts:

It’s insteresting to see how Intel and ATI came to one of the major LAN parties in America and didn’t bring the latest and greatest gaming hardware. With ATI and Intel already showing their upcoming product series at other events it seems silly that they wouldn’t show them to their consumers. The World Series of Video Games is not without cutting edge technology thanks to AAC and Gateway with their Conroe displays in the ATI booth.

Now it’s time to get back to gaming and seeing old friends that are in town for the event. With no date or location set in stone for Quakecon I’m glad that I was able to make it down to Louisville, Kentucky for the opening of the WSVG 2006 series. In closing here is a shot of the competition area at the LAN!

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