512mb Corsair PC3200C2

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Quality comes with price, and that is true again in this case. This is highest priced ram on the market today, but the overall performance you recieve is well worth it. When you think of some of the generic brands selling for $30-$40 less, you would be better off spending the extra money and get Corsair’s lifetime warranty and some kick ass memory. There is no substitute for this memory. Nothing can touch it on the market that we have seen so far, unless you look at Corsair PC-3500c2. Look for an update in the future about Corsair PC-3500, we can’t wait to try it out!

To sum things up we were very impressed with the Corsair XMS3200 memory module, as it is XTREME! It is fast, stable and most importantly, can withstand high clock speeds. After hours of working hard on this review playing Unreal Tournament 2003 and Counter-Strike at a local LAN party with our test rig overclocked I give this my seal of approval making it ideal for overclockers and gamers who like to get the maximum performance out of their hardware.

As a Final note I was able to run our ram up to 175mhz stable at the most agressive settings. If I was not limited by our processor it would have been very interesting how much further this ram could have gone.


  • Performance
  • Nice Looking Heatsinks
  • LifeTime Warranty
  • Runs At Agressive CAS Timings
  • Looks good for case mods and LAN parties


  • Expensive


  • Copper Heatsinks!
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