256mb OCZ Premier PC-3200


Overclocking: & Conclusions

Even though we know this is not an overclocking memory line, we still wanted to see how much further past the specifications it could run. On our ABIT AT7-MAX2 test system, we ran the modules at loose 3-4-4-8 2T timings and 2.8V. We pushed the memory to the point where system stability became an issue. We found that we could get the module up to 422MHz DDR on our test system. This is a very respectable score on memory that was not designed to be overclocked. Therefore, users have the ability to tweak their systems a bit if they feel the need. Not bad for value memory!


With an MSRP of around US $50, the OCZ PC3200 Premier Series fills the void between generic memory brands and the high performance memory lines of some of the big performers. It is true these modules will not break the pocket book and proved to be very stable when run at specifications during our testing. The OCZ Premier Series is not for the avid gamer or overclocker, but will work perfectly for the average user, which, by the way, dominates the overall computer market.

We hope this review helped you take a peak at a line of memory that does not get a lot of press from the review community. Often many products make it to the market and get overlooked due to a number of reasons and this is one of them. After this review, I hope you are more informed. Now you know that if you can’t afford high-end PC3200, PC3500, or PC3700 module, their is another option: OCZ Premier Series!

If this line of memory does not suit your needs check out and see if OCZ has any lines that do!


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Low Price
  • Overclockable
  • 5ns OCZ Modules


  • Relaxed Timings

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