256mb OCZ Premier PC-3200



Most of the products we take a look at are the fastest and priciest computer pieces on the market. This is great, but it also leaves the majority of computer users looking at reviews on products they can not afford or even need. Today we are taking a look at the PC3200 Premier Series from OCZ Technology Inc. This line of memory is considered “value”, and therefore should offer good performance at a price that will not leave your wallet empty.

The OCZ Premier Series is designed for users who want great performance at a lower price point. The OCZ Premier PC3200 Series can be found with 2.5-4-4 2T timings. OCZ Premier Series DDR use the highest quality hand selected OCZ IC’s built on OCZ ULN PCB. In order to deliver the modules at a lower price point, they will not include heatspreaders. The Premier Series of memory comes in 256MB and 512MB modules supporting data rates of up to 466MHz (PC3700) at at CL 3-4-8-4.

In this review we will compare the PC3200 Premier Series from OCZ Technology Inc. to another brand of value memory to see which, if either, comes out on top. We were able to find the max on this memory and see how it performs! link

To find out more about OCZ products or history please visit the OCZ Technology Inc. site!

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