1GB Kit HyperX DDR 434MHz



We had high hopes for this 1GB HyperX PC-3500 kit when overclocking. Since we were using a tried and true unlocked Intel Pentium 4, we ran the 1:1 ratio at 2.8V and found the stable limit of the memory to be 460MHz DDR at CAS 2.5-7-3-3. What surprised us the most is that we could reach 460MHz at aggressive 2-6-3-2 timings! Anything above 460MHz would lead to application stability issues no matter how aggressive or loose the timings were set. We then tried to use ABIT’s Game Acceleration Technology at 460MHz, but found that it could not be enabled at this speed. Below is a CPU-Z capture of our overclocking results!


With an MSRP of US ~$350 the 1GB Kit of HyperX DDR 434MHz may be out of reach for many users, but it is some of the best high performance memory on the market today. This is also the first pair of 512MB modules from any company that we successfully have been able to run ABIT’s "Game Acceleration Technology" at the most agressive F1 mode. We have paired 512MB modules of OCZ EL 3500, OCZ EL 3700 Gold, Corsair XMS 3500, and Corsair XMS 4000 that will not run F1 mode, so we were very happy to see the 1GB Kit of HyperX DDR 434MHz be able to run this ABIT feature. By being able to run ABIT’s "GAT" at F1 mode we were getting some awesome performance numbers thanks to the 1GB Kit of HyperX DDR 434MHz.

If this line of memory does not suit your needs check out and see if Kingston has any memory for your individual needs!

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  • 4.6ns Modules


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