1GB Kit HyperX DDR 434MHz




Since the release of the the Intel Canterwood and Springdale motherboards Dual-Channel memory has become a mainstream item for computer users. The memory industry responded with “paired” or “matched” memory kits that offer end-users modules of memory that can run the same timings. The enthusiast community and the average end-user have found these memory kits to be cheaper than buying individual memory modules, while also offering identical timings. Basically these kits make sure that the memory you buy run at the same specifications.

Today we are looking at the 1GB PC-3500 Kingston HyperX Kit. This is a line of high-performance DDR memory modules that is geared towards the avid gamer and PC enthusiast. This line of memory has been around for awhile as it was launched back on November 14, 2002. Now that DDR400 has become the bare minimum for most new Intel Pentium 4 systems Kingston HyperX memory is becoming more popular by the day. The HyperX line of memory comes in 256MB and 512MB modules supporting data rates of up to 500MHz (PC4000)!

To find out more about Kingston’s products or history please visit the Kingston Site.

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